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Inspired by Scrimgeour's words in Half Blood Prince!
Well we're not all men!
Who wouldn't want to be a member of the DA?
For those who are still in denial over the end of Order of the Phoenix.
< Just one of Luna's little sayings, perhaps a good christmas button!?!
For all the Slytherins out there, buttons for other houses will hopefully be out soon!
One of my weirder buttons, based on an old theory that socks crop up so much because their very powerful! Of course Dumbledore knows this, and thats why he sees socks in the mirror of Erised.
Opposites attract! If you don't agree with this pairing I don't want to know about it, so please no silly emails!
This was made a long time ago, before I decided I liked the idea of a Harry/Ginny paring, OOTP changed my mind! For those who don't know Oedipus is mythological figure that had an unhealthy obsession with his mother!
Just to pay respects to a great wizard, I wanted the curtains closing to symbolise the end of his life.
There's an avatar of this as well, It's one of my favourite quotes from OOTP.
Any club that excludes a Weasley must be bad!
The moment Fleur proved appearances didn't matter to her... and wasn't it a shock!
I've been messing with the idea that it's going to be a long wait for book 7, this was the result
I wanted a button for Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes, what better reason that U No Poo?
The Marauders Map - what site would be complete without one? (thanks for the idea Nic!)
Wish I could claim credit for this one, but the idea was Lindsey's, the dementor came from a site called Accio Potter which no longer exists.
I'm afraid I got a little fed up with the Hermione/Draco shippers!
A button for the Ravenclaws out there!
I'm afraid it's another Slytherin button, I made this a long time ago and found it today!.
I've been playing with the idea of a button for the unforgiveable curses, Moody's spider proved to be the inspiration!
Another idea I've been playing with for a while, I decided that if any were ugly it would be Bellatrix because she spent years in Azkaban and is basically ugly inside!
Where would any wizard be without Moody's most famous line!
Been meaning to put up a Gryffindor button for ages, hopefully the first of many!
Another house button - decided I'd try a badgers pawprints first of all!
Inspired by Snape's Worst Memory!
A little anagram i recently came across - does it have meaning? Or is it just 'Coincidence?'
another chance to use my tapdancing spider .. inspired by Rons nightmare!
seen a few versions of this button before - but had to add my own!
Gryffindor - Weasley is our king!
Slytherin - Apparently he's their king too!
You'd think that the Gaunt's were proof alone, that the blood was running thin! but who can tell a pureblood?
It's Magic
Professor Flitwick proved to bew the inspiration for this Seamus-centric button
I'm fed up of hearing that people are in denial, we could be in de amazon for all you know (So could Dumbledore for that matter!)
"James always called it my furry little problem, many people were under the impression I had a badly behaved rabbit!" Remus Lupin
A much overdue variation on the Oedipus button
Carlsberg dont make Quidditch Announcers, but if they did they would be Luna!
Another tribute to a great man!
House pride for Ravenclaws!
Luna Lovegood - because sanity is overrated!
Bit of a sick button i suppose .. but did Draco ever say anything good about Dumbledore? Icon from Accio Potter
A play on the superman phrase - now you can be one of the muggles that spotted them as well!