The wonderful world of spam has discovered my guestbook, as such it's been removed until i've found a better one.


Ok so new site layout - finished at last, also added the new backgrounds wallpaper to the list of available wallpapers.


Wow! two updates in 1 week, i must be ill!! Anyway 4 more new buttons, one new avatar, and i've updated the links page :o)


Well first things first, Happy new year!! and down to the important stuff, theres one new background (my fave so far) and four new buttons. More updates coming soon!


New Update: two new Avatars & Wallpapers and one new button. For those who don't know I have now started working full time so don't always have the time I would like to make web graphics, this is the cause of the less frequent updates, apologies, hope to have more up soon!


Thanks to everyone whose signed my guestbook :) New update, added two new avatars and six new buttons, I'm currently working on new wallpapers, hope to have them up soon.


Added 3 new buttons and a new avatar - seems to be a lot of Snape stuff in this batch! Remember if you have a button/avatar/wallpaper suggestion mail me and if i like it i might just make it!


More Updates: I have moved the guestbook to the main page because people with their screens set to smaller resolutions were unable to see it. for future reference this site is best viewed ay 1023x768. I've added 5 new buttons, and a new Kingsley adoptable, (Kingsley the secretary that is..) I've also added a new avatar based on a suggestion by HPMegaFan from the COS/Mugglenet forums, thanks Megafan!


Update: I have added 3 new adoptions today - Harry, Ron and Ginny in their quidditch uniforms! I have also added two new wallpapers both based on work by Harry Potter Fan Artists! I have also added a guestbook, please take the time to sign it, and as I forgot to update this page last time I updated you should also find a third new wallpaper and two new avatars.


Added another 2 Avatars and a new Pettigrew for adoption.


Added another 3 buttons today, 2 wallpapers, an avatar and a Tonks for adoption... busy day!


Added 2 new buttons, and a Voldemort and Vapormort for adoption - its sad that there's so few pictures of Vapormort about!! Also opened the wallpaper section and added a script to the main pages that causes a miniature Harry and a miniature snitch to wander aimlessly around the page. Hope you like it, and remember, if you have any suggestions for buttons don't hesitate to mail me!


Small update today. Just added 3 new buttons and a Lupin for adoption, also added a random quote generator to the title.


I have now opened the link area, and am working on wallpaper, so there should hopefully be some soon.


Added a few updates, the Avatars are now open, although there are only four of them, also opened the adoptables page and added a few new buttons.


Welcome to Felix Felicis a new source of Harry Potter based buttons, avatars etc. There is no need to link back if you do use my graphics although it would be nice! Hope to have all areas up and running soon, in the meantime any queries or suggestions can be sent using the Contact button.