I have posted two types of Wallpaper, The first are seamless tiles, the second are normal pictures.
To use the wallpapers,click on the image. Once it opens right click and go to 'Set as Wallpaper'
If this leaves one tile in the centre of your desktop just right click your desktop,
go to 'Properties' then 'Desktop' and in the drop down box under 'Position' select 'tile', then click 'Ok'.

Tile Backgrounds
Made using a background created by the Hewlett Packard Harry Potter Print Studio
A bit mad for my tastes but hey its there if anyone wants it!
The Felix Felicis background tile, in case anyone likes the layout 'that much!'
Another very busy background tile, inspired by the ceiling at the Ministry of Magic.
Maybe its more just generally witchy than Harry... I like the stars and moons theme of this background. Looks a little distorted here, click it to get a better image!
The all new Felix Felicis background!(trumpets please)
Full size Backgrounds
A background inspired by Dumbledore, the graphic is from Accio Brain, I coloured it myself.
A background made using a comic from Accio Brain, ideal for Harry Potter/LOTR fans. I love Makani's idea of the Malfoys!.
A background made using a pencil sketch by Ayne Greensleeves , I especially love the dress Tonks is wearing!
Another background made using the artwork of Ayne Greensleeves ,One for all the Harry/Ginny Shippers out there!
A background made using graphics from Autumn Breeze and Accio Brain , I wanted to show the metamorphmasis from the handsome head boy to the evil dark lord.
A background made using artwork from Autumn Breeze This picture, in my opinion depicts a young Ron/Hermione perfectly! Just hope the background does it justice!